The MIPP has established a photographic Qualification system on the same standards as international Distinctions.

This is a three-tier system, namely the MIPP Licentiate (LMIPP), the MIPP Associate (AMIPP) and the MIPP Fellowship (FMIPP).

Only MIPP members can qualify for these Distinctions. Student members of the Institute cannot apply for the FMIPP qualification but can apply for LMIPP and AMIPP.

Applicants are requested to submit a photographic print panel of 20 works under specific criteria. These are assessed by a qualified independent panel of experts who decide whether the candidate has reached the required level.

A certificate, given under the common seal of the MIPP, is issued to each successful candidate.

When necessary, the selection panel meets annually, usually during the month of November, in order to assess submissions. Candidates should check in the MIPP newsletter/website for the date of the next assessment meeting as well as the date by which submissions must reach the MIPP designated offices.

  • Licentiateship (L.M.I.P.P) is the first level of qualified membership. It is a recognition for a general basic level of skill and competence in professional practice within photography and allied technologies
  • Associateship (A.M.I.P.P.) is considered as a middle level group. Associates carry the responsibility for the development of the profession and the MIPP.
  • Fellowship (F.M.I.P.P.) denotes a high level of technical and creative ability, cohesion and style

Application forms may also be obtained from either contacting the Secretary General or can be downloaded from here.

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