When applying for MIPP Qualifications in October, the applicant needs to start preparing early and in a structured manner. Leaving things until the last minute is a sure way of failing. If you are not sure that your work is up to any of the required level, simply utilize the benefits of the ‘MIPP MENTORING SERVICE.’

This is done in the following manner:

A. Free Mentoring service – only available for fully paid up members:

  1. Applicants must submit online a selection of images that they believe should go into their qualification panel.

(20 jpeg 300 dpi images, 2000 pixels on the longest side not larger than 2 MB per file). The files are to be subsequently numbered 1-20 and are to be sent to submissions@mipp-malta.com .

2. It is necessary for the applicants to decide on the theme of the panel before sending in the images, themes may be viewed on qualification-structure. Naturally, the images submitted must conform to the theme/genre chosen.

3. All applicants are to fill in and submit the appropriate Mentorship Application form qualification-structure.

4. Applicants will receive, through email, an MIPP approved mentor’s evaluation and assessment on whether the level is deemed to be sufficient for the level of qualification. Suggestions will also be given accordingly.

5. Submissions which are not in the correct format will not be assessed. However, an email will be sent to request another submission in the correct format.

6. Replies to submissions take usually fifteen working days.

7. The deadline for Free Mentoring submissions is the 31st July of each year prior to the Qualification judging month of November of the same year.

8. Member applicants can submit a maximum of TWO panels per year for the free Mentoring service.

B. In Depth Mentoring:

  1. Should the applicant need further guidance and more in depth mentoring on a one to one basis, the applicant can choose to engage one of the MIPP official Mentors who are announced each year in February.

2. Fees for mentoring are of €10 per hour and are to be directly paid to the Mentor.

3. It is recommended that official Mentors be approached by not later than the 31st of May of each year. This should give enough time for the right guidance to be given in preparing a panel.


  • Mentoring DOES NOT guarantee success but is intended to guide and help the applicant with his Qualification submission.
  • Mentors are NOT at any time to physically edit submitted panel images, or have a decisive influence in their creation.
  • Mentors are to guide and recommend, but the final decision in all areas of a submission is to be that of the entrant.The Mentor MUST NOT judge any panels that he/she has mentored and it is the Mentor’s responsibility to inform the co-ordinator of the Qualifications judging panel. Participants are to contact the MIPP committee to be notified on the official Mentors appointed each year.

For more info contact: courses@mipp-malta.com

Related forms can be downloaded from here

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