MIPP Annual General Meeting – 23rd February, 2016

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel, St. Julian’s

The AGM was held at 19:30pm at Le Meridien Hotel St. Julian’s.

Primarily, the president Mr. Kevin Casha, thanked the outgoing members Therese Debono and Duncan Cauchi for their essential service to the Committee. Both will continue working within the MIPP sub-committees.

1st item on agenda: Approval of the minutes of AGM 2015

The first item of the agenda was the approval of last year’s minutes which were already approved in the 2015 AGM. The minutes were unanimously approved. (Ivan Consiglio proposed and Therese Debono seconded).

2nd item on agenda: Hon. Secretary General’s Annual Report – Sergio Morana

The secretary general Mr. Sergio Morana read the secretary’s general report, which outlined the Institute’s accomplishments during 2015, as well as the goals for the coming year. The report was approved by the members. (Tonio Polidano proposed and Darrin Zammit Lupi seconded).

3rd item on the agenda: Hon. Treasurer’s Statement of Accounts – Martin Aguis

The next item on the agenda was the reading of the financial statement by Mr. Martin Aguis. It was pointed out, that the treasurer is only responsible for book keeping, whilst MIPP’s financial statement is worked out by a professional accountant i.e. Mr Gordon Harvey. Mr. Kevin Casha clarified that a number of sponsors are helping out MIPP in a barter manner, especially with regards to sponsorship for the PTYA prize. Mr. Aguis also commented that this year, further sponsorship was also offered to set up an exhibition at Mater Dei. Mr. Aguis noted that a substantial part of this year’s profit resulted from the Still Image Course, thanks to Mr. Casha’s effort. The current MIPP funds amount to EUR97,410. Unfortunately, this sum is however not sufficient for the Institute to buy its own premises, especially due to the current economic climate which has increased property prices. Mr. Casha remarked that although the Institute incurred additional expenses to pay for course tuition and also due to the handing out of USBs to mark the 20th anniversary, yet a better profit was still registered this year. (Stefan Cachia proposed and Martin Fenech seconded).

4th item on the agenda: MIPP’s vision for 2016 by MIPP’s hon. President – Kevin Casha

Mr. Kevin Casha carried on by explaining MIPP’s vision for this year. Initially Mr. Casha stated that 2015 was a very encouraging year with regards to courses, especially due to the initiation of the Still Image Course, which was successfully completed by a good number of students. The course will be offered again this year and will run twice since it was heavily oversubscribed. The total number of students sitting for this course amounts to thirty. Mr. Casha is also aiming to offer Level 4 and Level 5 courses during the coming years. Although the process of applying for these qualifications commenced last year, it is quite a lengthy procedure and hence the courses will be most probably offered in 2017.

Mr. Casha claimed that during the past years, the most challenging issue has been that of obtaining premises for MIPP. Throughout the years, Mr. Casha has strived to seek out agreements with the Government, however it has always been in vain. MIPP’s budget is around EUR100,00, and the search for a suitable venues which could provide for the housing of equipment, provision of courses, as well as socialising are still going on. Mr. Casha stated that this matter will be one of the main aims for this year.

It was also pointed out, that the regulations of the PTYA have been rehashed and an encouraging number of members have participated. This ensures high standards and healthy competition. This year, the trophy has been purposely designed for MIPP by the well-known sculptor George Muscat.

Mr. Casha continued by reminding the members that 2016 will be a special year since MIPP will mark its 20th anniversary. This has been commemorated by the handing out of pen-drives as a gift. Other special events and activities are being planned throughout the year, however the main effort will be geared towards organising a high-quality convention, details of which will be coming out soon.

5th item on the agenda – Amendments to the statute

No amendments to the statute were proposed.

6th Item – Election of the new committee

No elections were carried out since only 5 members applied for the committee. Consequently, all candidates were appointed to the Executive Committee. The new committee is made up of the following members:

President: Mr. Kevin Casha

Treasurer: Mr. Martin Aguis

Secretary: Mr. Sergio Morana

Member: Mr. Tonio Polidano

Member: Mr. Vincent Debono

7th item – Other matters

A discussion ensued with regards to the locality for the MIPP premises. Mr. Casha claimed that a centrally located venue, which is spacious, accessible and has adequate parking provision, is being sought after. It was also pointed out that although the current venue i.e. Le Meridien will be kept, it is rather unreliable since management procedures and fees might be unexpectedly revised. Mr. Casha noted that it is therefore necessary to seek out other options. Such an opportunity was offered by Hilltop Gardens, which is currently the venue for this year’s Still Image Course. Other government owned places were sourced out, however such venues entail additional costs due to the prerequisite of a caretaker. Hence the way forward is to maintain current agreements with Le Meridien, develop new relationships with Hilltop Gardens and eventually find suitable grounds for the Institute.

Mr. Casha concluded by thanking members for their participation and by encouraging everyone to support the committee so that MIPP’s goals will materialise, thus improving the Institute’s standards.

(Minutes taken and recorded by Oriella Casha)

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